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H. 'Love and Dazzle'

Why we selected ‘Love and Dazzle’

  • Vivid color with high contrast
  • Excellent branching and high bud count
  • Sturdy scapes
  • Attractive as a polytepal
  • Vigorous in zone 4
  • Outstanding foliage


'Love and Dazzle', an orange and yellow bitone daylly with brilliant red-orange chevron eye.
Vivid colors on tall scapes make a strong garden statement.

H. ‘Love and Dazzle’ (K. Lamb 2006) Tetraploid

39" M 8.25" DOR. NOC. EXT. Unusual Form Cascade. Striking orange and yellow bitone with brilliant red-orange chevron eye and yellow gold to green throat. Segments curl and at times will pinch. LAD will poly. Edges display a touch of gilt. A special thank you to our niece Madeline, who at age 8 suggested the name ’Love and Dazzle’ upon hearing the parent names. Fertile both ways. Sdlg #T9916. (‘Desperado Love’ X Tetra ‘Spindazzle’). $40/double fan.

'Love and Dazzle' daylily as a clump. A 5x5 polymerous bloom of 'Love and Dazzle' daylily showing pinched petals.

Top left:
Faint rosy halo appears at times. Bottom left: Uncrowded blooms open fully. Bottom right: Sturdy upright scapes exhibit good branching and bud count for a floriferous effect.

Photo credits: All photos this page by Michael J. Lamb

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