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eager_beaver early_days earth_music easy_ned
EAGER BEAVER (Apps 2002) EARLY DAYS (Morss 2002) EARTH MUSIC (Hanson-C. 1992) EASY NED (Brown-B. 1971)
ebony_fire eenie_allegro eenie_weenie el_desperado
EBONY FIRE (Kirchhoff-D. 1989) EENIE ALLEGRO (Aden 1981) EENIE WEENIE (Aden 1976) EL DESPERADO (Stamile 1991)
elegant_candy emerald_splendor emma_s_song enchained_heart
ELEGANT CANDY (Stamile 1995) EMERALD SPLENDOR (Wilson-T. 1993) EMMA'S SONG (Schaben-Rice 2003) ENCHAINED HEART (Fay-Hardy 1957)
envy_me equal_justice escalating_dichotomies evermore_edge
ENVY ME (Reinke, B.&J. 1995) EQUAL JUSTICE (Mason-M. 2005) ESCALATING DICHOTOMIES (Hanson-C. 1998) EVERMORE EDGE (Lambertson 1996)
eyes_on_the_prize fairy_firecracker fanciful_candy feng_shui_moment
EYES ON THE PRIZE (Emmerich 2002) FAIRY FIRECRACKER (Hudson 1984) FANCIFUL CANDY (Stamile 1997) FENG SHUI MOMENT (Hanson, C. 2003)