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laughing_skies laura_nyro lavender_showstopper lazy_white
LAUGHING SKIES (Stamile 2003) LAURA NYRO (Hanson-C. 2000) LAVENDER SHOWSTOPPER (Klehm 1993) LAZY WHITE (Boatwright 2005)
lemon_moon_shadows lemonfellow leslie_erickson light_of_the_world
LEMON MOON SHADOWS (Schaben 2006) LEMONFELLOW (Trimmer 1998) LESLIE ERICKSON (Baker-M. 2003) LIGHT OF THE WORLD (Emmerich 2002)
lights_of_detroit lilies_purple_fantasy liquid_sunshine little_fantastic
LIGHTS OF DETROIT (Weston-J. 1982) LILLIES PURPLE FANTASY (York-Albers 2006) LIQUID SUNSHINE (Rice-J. 2000) LITTLE FANTASTIC (Cunningham-E. L. 1977)
little_tecumseh live_jazz lola_branham lorita_wadsworth
LITTLE TECUMSEH (Warrell 1979) LIVE JAZZ (Reckamp-Klehm 2003) LOLA BRANHAM (Burkey 1991) LORITA WADSWORTH (Bachman 2003)
lotsa_dots love_and_dazzle lowcountry_lady luminous_beauty_frog
LOTSA DOTS (Murphy-J.P. 2004) LOVE AND DAZZLE (Lamb-K. 2006) LOWCOUNTRY LADY (Roycroft 1997) LUMINOUS BEAUTY (Carpenter-K. 1985) with frog visitor.