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radiant_simplicity ragtime_ruffles rainbow_towers rander_s_pride
RADIANT SIMPLICITY (Begnaud 2000) RAGTIME RUFFLES (Mercer-R. 1990) RAINBOW TOWERS (Schwarz-B. 1999) RANDER'S PRIDE (Libis-Cheetham 1957)
randers_pride_clump raspberry_pixie reason_for_treason red_hill
RANDER'S PRIDE (Libis-Cheetham 1957) RASPBERRY PIXIE (Williamson 1969) REASON FOR TREASON (Kirchhoff-D. 1996) RED HILL (Reed (2004)
red_mittens red_rain red_revel red_spider_mite
RED MITTENS (Heinemann, V. 1966) RED RAIN (Whitacre 1988) RED REVEL (Saxton 1969) RED SPIDER MITE (Warrell 2003)
red_suspenders red_top red_volunteer redneck_friend
RED SUSPENDERS (Webster 1990) RED TOP (Carpenter 1953) RED VOLUNTEER (Oakes 1984) REDNECK FRIEND (Baker-M. 2003)
redneck_red reedy_creek_weird_oh_s2164 return_to_silence ribbonette
REDNECK RED (Rice-J. 2006) REEDY CREEK WEIRD OH (Stennett 2001) RETURN TO SILENCE (Hanson-C. 1996) RIBBONETTE (Lenington-G. 1951)